About NemFamiliesammenføring

About ‘NemFamiliesammenføring’ which means ‘EasyFamilyReunion’ (NFS)

The firm NemFamiliesammenføring IVS consists of Sharandeep Singh. Sharandeep is Bachelor of laws (LLB) from Aarhus University and is currently finishing up the LLM final thesis.

Sharandeep have the last couple of years worked only with immigration law at a office in Aarhus, but have now moved to Copenhagen and started NFS. The specialization in immigration law is something which is close to Sharandeep Singh and work passionately with this. Working with this the last couple of years, and taking the subject during the LLM, have contributed to give Sharandeep Singh experience within immigration law all over Europe.

Nemfamiliesammenføring always offers:

  • Specific assessment of your case.
  • First phone meeting is free.
  • Personal meeting in Copenhagen.
  • Immigration is core area for us, with specialization in family reunions.
  • Counselling in danish, english, urdu, punjabi, hindi or swedish.

Office at Finsensvej 6B, 2000 Frb. C